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TCC & Riley Children’s Foundation – Branden’s Story from Riley kids

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ Then by all means, paint, And that voice will be silenced.” -Vincent Van Gogh TCC & Riley Children’s Foundation recently collaborated, Our Culture of Good to promote and celebrate the creativity of the children at the Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. […]

50 top kid-friendly tablets parents can trust

50 top kid-friendly tablets parents can trust If your kid wrote “tablet” on their Christmas wish list, you may be surprised at the number of available kid-friendly tablet options on the market. You could easily become intimidated choosing between tablets differing by size, operating system, app availability, battery life, storage capacity, and more. To make […]

Survive the holidays, win Pelican accessories

For the next five weeks, TCC is doing a special Giftaway contest. Each week, we will be giving away awesome bundles of devices, wireless accessories, and other products from brands you know. The holidays can be tough. Thankfully, trusted accessories brand Pelican put together a Holiday Survival Kit for one lucky winner. This first holiday Giftaway […]

How to use your smartphone to boost your productivity

With easy access to the internet and social media, along with millions of apps, there are also myriad ways to distract yourself from work. But smartphones don’t really deserve the majority of the blame in these situations. In fact, they actually serve as a tool for organization for a great many users. With smartphone technology, you can schedule […]

Top 5 deal-finding apps for Black Friday

The excitement and joy of being together with family and friends ramps up quickly in the weeks before Christmas. But unfortunately, holiday expenses add up quickly – like food for family gatherings, present-buying for the kids, and extra costs for holiday parties. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top five money-saving apps to help […]

Medical technology innovations of the future

We’ve all seen a scary movie or read a horror novel which was set in a hospital. Why are hospitals considered such spooky places? Probably because they generally carry a bit of the unknown. But medical technology is growing at an insanely swift speed, which is minimizing the unknown. Here are five new medical patents […]

How To Transfer Content To a New iPhone

Just got a brand new Apple iPhone? You may be asking, “How do I transfer content from my old iPhone to my new iPhone?” Apple Quick Start has made it easy to move all the stuff on your old iPhone -like photos, videos, contacts, messages, settings, and more- from your old device to new iPhone. […]

How to waterproof your phone

One of the absolute worst things that can happen to your smartphone is it getting wet. From a spilled drink to an accidental fall in the pool, your phone is vulnerable to damage. Now that the summer season is nearly upon us, you need to know exactly how to keep your phone from getting ruined when […]

TCC Talk – How to take the perfect selfie

The Shutterball is the perfect device for any social media maven wanting to look good online. To take the perfect selfie, you must first download the Shutterball app to your Android or IPhone. Afterwards, you’ll be able to to take selfies from anywhere. A winning feature of the Shutterball app is its ability to capture […]