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The Best iPhones Ever: iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max

What’s going on at my Verizon store?

Everybody’s favorite camera.

Actually. The iPhone camera is the world’s most popular camera –and the dual-camera system + smart HDR allow you to take brilliant photos in great detail. 

Portrait Mode, but even better.

Bokeh, aka the blurry background of a photograph, is what gives portrait mode its distinct look. Xs can now manipulate the depth of field after you shoot. What’s that mean exactly? You can increase or decrease the blur of the background in your photographs after they’ve already been shot. Wow. This is the future and I am LOVING it.

Welcome to the big screens.

The iPhone Xs design is all-screen –and the Xs Max has the largest display of any iPhone ever. They’re the sharpest displays of any Apple device with vivid, accurate colors. Plus, with wider stereo sound, these phones are the perfect device for watching a movie.

Revolutionary Face ID.

Apple’s Face ID is the most secure facial authentication in a smartphone, and they’ve improved it to be faster and easier to use. Using advanced machine learning, it’s able to recognize you, no matter how many times you change your look –it even works with sunglasses. 

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