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How are you Celebrating National Coffee Day? Explore Coffee Culture from Around the World!

9/29 is National Coffee Day- Get ready to celebrate! The history of coffee can be traced back to the ancient coffee forests in Ethiopia. It’s said that a goat herder first discovered the potential of these beans after his goats ate berries from a tree and became so energetic they seemed to “dance” and didn’t want to sleep at night.


Coffee is a staple in many people’s daily lives. It’s easy to get caught up in our daily Starbucks drive-through line, so we invite you to pause and take a trip around the world. Explore the ways that different countries enjoy their coffee below!

Italy- Espresso
In Italy, to go cups are unheard of and espresso is glorified. Traditional Italian espresso is usually served with a lemon slice. The citrus is said to highlight the sweeter notes of the espresso. This drink is usually enjoyed standing up while visiting in a café.

Turkey- Türk Kahvesi
A Travel Channel blogger writes: “A famous Turkish proverb says that coffee should be “as black as hell, as strong as death and as sweet as love.” This thick brew is usually served after meals from a long-handled copper pot called a cezve, accompanied by chewy Turkish candy.”

France- Café au Lait
Café au lait is a traditional drink made with equal parts steamed milk and freshly brewed coffee. It is served in a big cup for optimal baguette and croissant dipping. 

Sweden- Kaffeost
While some might take their coffee with cream or sugar the people of Sweden might prefer theirs with cheese. You read that Right! Kaffeost is hot coffee is poured over chunks of juustoleipä (cheese curds).

Ethiopia: Buna
Coffee is very ceremonial and traditional in its birthplace of Ethiopia. These rituals are performed during the entire brewing and serving process lasting up to two hours. Historically, this coffee was served with salt or butter.

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