REDUX available exclusively at TCC Rocks

Don’t plug it in!

When your device gets wet, it’s not the liquid itself that causes the damage; it’s actually the combination of liquid and electricity that will fry the device. Redux is a patented phone drying system that uses a combination of heat and pressure to remove all of the liquid from the device, preventing electrical damage.

Redux started when co-founder Joel Trusty approached his neighbor, Reuben Zielinski, with his wife’s waterlogged phone. She had accidently subjected the phone to a full cycle in the washing machine and was devastated that the phone was not only ruined, but all the data, contact information, photos and videos were lost.

It not only revives your device, but also restores your valuable photos, emails, and other data.
This service is exclusively available at TCC stores across the United States.

redux by TWC prepaid