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Redux saves wet electronics.

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Wet device? Here's what to do.

DO NOT plug it in.

This can permanently damage your device.

DO NOT put it in rice.

This is not a scientifically-proven drying method.

Bring it in to a TCC store.

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Let us take it from there.

You’ll get your device restored and dry in about an hour.

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Redux Services

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Wet Tablet


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Get one free dry attempt on your earbuds at TCC locations.

No purchase required. One dry attempt per customer. Additional restrictions may apply. Ask for details.

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At a glance.

Using a patented vacuum drying process that reduces the evaporating point of water, Redux removes moisture quickly, completely and at a safe temperature for the device.
Redux Dryer

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Hear from our members.

Over 3 million customers have prepaid subscriptions to Redux drying services to protect their devices and data against water damage. This technique has been effectively used for wet phones, earbuds, smartwatches, tablets and more.
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Ask an associate about becoming a member today.

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