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3 Reasons Why Google Pixel 3 Is the Best Yet

1. When you buy one, you can get another FREE.

You can save a ton on the newest phone in Google’s lineup when you buy it now. Buy one Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL. Get one free. No plan or trade requirements, but one line must be activated on a new line of service.

The Pixel 3 is out now and is available exclusively on Verizon. Get your Pixel at a TCC store near you.

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2. The camera.

Since the original Pixel came out, its camera has been one of the best –in fact, Tom’s Guide has previously listed the Pixel 2 XL as THE best overall camera phone, only to be replaced this month by Pixel 3. With the 3, Google’s only made the camera better. Now, with its wide angle front camera lens so you can get the whole crew in one shot. Plus, make sure everyone is looking their best and all eyes are open with the new Top Shot feature.

3. Google Assistant got even smarter.

Whenever you get a call, use the screen call feature and Google Assistant will answer the call for you. It asks their name and reason for calling and shows you the answer in real time so you will never have to talk to a spam caller again. 

Will you be upgrading to the Pixel 3? Comment below and tell us why!

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