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More Than A Phone keeps survivors of domestic violence connected.

If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or visit

How does it work?

More Than a Phone is our program that donates smartphones and data service to survivors of domestic violence. Our goal is to help those in need stay connected. These phones help survivors find freedom with their own safe line. They can stay in touch with personal contacts, search for a job and gain independence without their abuser tracking them.

TCC employees partner with their community’s domestic violence shelter to put the “MORE” in More Than a Phone. Through volunteering opportunities, advocacy and device support, TCC employees enhance the collaboration created by bringing the More Than a Phone program to their local shelter. Additionally, the domestic violence shelter is invited to educate store employees throughout the year. Visit our website to learn more:

More Than a Phone Bundle

We take old phones of all conditions.

All TCC stores accept used smartphone donations, no matter its condition or age. They can benefit More Than a Phone in a couple ways. Either option prevents your phone from taking up space at home or sitting in a landfill for years!


If the donated smartphone is deemed in good condition, the data will be wiped, and it will be refurbished and given to a survivor.


Any other donated phones that are not in good enough condition to be refurbished will get recycled through Pace Butler. More Than a Phone receives a monetary donation of their value.

Donate your old phone today.

Donate your old phone today.

Meet Daniel, our district manager from Oregon.

Daniel Varela and his team have a strong partnership with the Women’s Crisis Support Team (WCST). Throughout the past few years, they’ve supported WCST in a number of ways like volunteering at their shelter, TCC Gives Community Grants, hosting special events during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and partnering with them through More Than a Phone. They often have customers come in who have received a More Than a Phone device and are ready to start paying for service on their own.

Daniel says, “The amount of courage and strength it takes to stand up and leave the abusive situation you are in is unmatched. For these people to not only do that but persevere and get back on their feet to a point where they can become financially responsible for their own phone is truly inspiring.”

Daniel and his whole team have shown their community that this program can go beyond a phone and provide even more!

Showing solidarity during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Every October, our stores are dedicated to raising awareness about domestic violence.

We give our employees special purple gear to wear in support of the cause. This month is our opportunity to educate our customers and get them involved with the ultimate goal of ending domestic violence.

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