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Six Times Grandparents’ Texts and Social Media Posts Made you Laugh Out Loud

When I call my grandmother on the phone, I always end up calling her landline because she just can’t figure out how to work her Samsung Galaxy smart phone. She claims that technology really isn’t her thing. She also recently got a Facebook account, and she is slowly learning how to post/comment/share.

Social media posting is something that some users hardly think twice about, so it cracks me up when I see that my grandma has accidentally shared five statuses thinking she was typing something into the Google search bar. Whether it is sending an accidental text message or posting an unintentional status, sometimes we can all agree that ever evolving technology and social media platforms are at times difficult to maneuver. Check out some of these silly examples below!

1. New method of photo uploading? If Grandpa advises you to command Facebook like a robot, you should probably listen right?

Grandparents’ Texts and Social Media Posts

2. Sometimes Emojis are a little difficult. Luckily there’s a guide for that. Did you know there is an Emojipedia?

Grandparents’ Texts

3. Sometimes we unintentionally share things online. We also have those friends who might overshare as well. But, this might happen to be the nicest Facebook friend break-up ever.

Grandparents’ Texts

4. All Grammy wants is her Lasagna set out from the fridge…

Social Media Posts

5. The most appreciative grandparent!!

Grandparents’ Texts and Social Media Posts

6. Finally, my very own Grandma just out there looking to make a really great pie!

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