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Samsung Note9 Announcement: 4 Things You Need To Know

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The new Samsung Galaxy Note9 was just announced yesterday. Here’s what you need to know about this cult-favorite amongst power users:

Samsung Note9

Their Biggest Infinity Screen Ever

With almost invisible bezels, (the black lines on the side of your phone screen) the Note9’s edge-to-edge screen is amazing for Netflix, gaming, and of course, instagram stalking your ex, Michael. I see you out there.

Remote Controlled S Pen

With Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the brand new S Pen helps you take better control of the camera, presentations, and apps without touching the phone. It seriously feels like a pen gliding on paper.

The Camera

Dual Aperture lenses adapt exactly like the human eye. That means bright, clear shots to capture the moment day or night.

More Convenient Features

I’ll admit it. Having a headphone jack is really, really convenient. The Note9 has just that, plus wireless charging capabilities.

Pre-order yours today! Launching Friday, August 24.

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