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Don’t Trash Your Old Phone!

Did you know that each year, about 150,000,000 phones are discarded in the United States alone? And according to the EPA, only 12.5% of electronic waste is recycled properly. That adds up to more than $60 million of gold and silver that’s unnecessarily thrown away, not to mention the huuuuge amount of unwanted smartphones, tablets, and more that will be sitting in a landfill for decades (and even centuries) to come.

How can I help?

If you have an old smartphone you’re no longer using, don’t throw it away! You could give that smartphone an entire new life if you bring it in to your local TCC store and donate it to TCC Gives. 

TCC Gives, the charitable arm of TCC Verizon, has a program called More Than a Phone, which is where your donated smartphone would go. With the help of community partners around the country, More Than a Phone donates refurbished smartphones and data to survivors of domestic abuse. These phones can keep a survivor connected to their support network, 

If you have a phone that you’d like to donate to TCC Gives’ More Than a Phone program, just head to your neighborhood TCC store with your phone and they’ll take care of it for you. You can learn more about TCC Gives here

You can wear recycled electronics too!

Twilight actress Nikki Reed has partnered with Dell to create a line of jewelry made from recycled materials. The eco-friendly and responsibly sourced collection is meant to remind you to strive for a zero waste world. You can feel good wearing these dainty bracelets knowing you’re doing your part to ease electronic waste. Shop her line here.

For more information on sustainably managing electronic waste, see this page by the EPA.

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