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Best Fantasy Football Apps: Dominate Your Draft

It’s that time of the year again where all of us Fantasy Football fanatics get to act like team owners and draft the oh so perfect team. Or, if you are like me, you scramble to make your selections hoping to not pick up the guy that got injured in last night’s preseason game, or even worse, the guy that retired two seasons ago. Not this year! I’m going to be prepared to dominate my league through the use of some amazing apps. That’s right. I don’t have the time to pore through pages and pages of data, determining the right matchups, bye weeks, and contract years. Now I don’t have to. Though I will need to decide between these apps.

Fantasy Football Draft Wizard

In preparation for your Fantasy Football draft you should spend hours reviewing last year’s top performers. Maybe even check out the rookies collegiate successes as well. Or, you can download the Fantasy Football Draft Wizard and save yourself a ton of time and heartbreak. This app allows for custom mock drafts, expert help, cheat sheets, and the all important draft assistant.

Footballguys Fantasy Football Dominator 2018

If you’re not convinced that an application can alter your FFL experience, check out this comment from Footballguys Fantasy Football Dominator.

“Last year I used this app to do lots of mocks for all my different leagues. Then I took it to Vegas and used it during my live FFPC drafts. Made my live drafts so easy because I had used the same thing to mock. I had my personalized adp and draft strategy saved on the app and as the draft progressed, Draft Dominator updated on the fly reacting to how the other teams were drafting. This year’s version includes support for Best Ball and Auction Leagues as well. It’s very powerful and customizable – the more you put into setting it up the more you get out of the app. I can’t recommend it enough, go get it !!!” -bose57

In order to win your league, you first need to win the draft. Footballguys Fantasy Football Dominator puts you in the drivers’ seat to win.

Rotowire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2018

Rotowire has been around for as long as I can remember. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve been beat multiple times by fellow leaguers using this app. Users can set draft priorities, mock drafts, get detailed projections, news stories, and analysis. If this is YOUR year in FFL, this would a great companion app to take along with you.

Don’t forget that your league hosts have some pretty nice apps too. ESPN Fantasy Football, NFL Fantasy Football, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, and CBS Sports Fantasy are all great apps that have draft support. Check them out prior to your draft to setup priority lists and complete mock drafts.

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