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Why You Need the New Note9 Now

The newest phone in the Galaxy lineup is finally here –the Samsung Galaxy Note9! It has Samsung’s biggest Infinity Display ever, a longer lasting battery, and of course, an incredible camera; it’s a powerful device that’s ready for whatever you are. But, that’s not the coolest feature of the Note9


The S Pen

The new S Pen that comes with the Note9 is unlike anything else out there right now. This Bluetooth-powered pen has functionality with more uses than you’d think.

Bring Your Ideas To Life

First things first, it’s a pen. Duh. With a 0.7mm precision tip and 4096 levels of pressure, writing on your Note will feel just like a pen gliding over paper. 

Take The Ultimate Selfies

No more straining to get everybody in the group or struggling to show your face, top, AND shoes all in one picture -use the S Pen for remote camera access to snap some pics without even touching your phone.

It’s A Remote!

Control a presentation with ease and own the pitch. Use the pen to point and click from anywhere with no wires holding you back.

Have Some Fun

The S Pen pairs with notes, many third-party apps, controls and shuffles music, and more. With the Samsung PENUP app, draw, create, and connect with people.

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