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Who wouldn’t love new tech on Valentine’s Day?

Sure, chocolates and jewelry are great, but this Valentine’s Day, give the people you love something they really want: new tech. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at just some of the awesome devices and accessories you can find at your local TCC.

Smartphones: The Gift of Gab

What did we do before we had smartphones? They are a vital part of our lives, especially over the last year when getting together in-person was mostly put on hold. With that in mind, what better way to tell someone that you want to keep in touch than with the gift of a new phone? TCC has options for everyone whether they love iOS or Android.

Tablets: The Internet of Things in Your Hands

Everyone loves tablets – why wouldn’t they? Today’s tablets allow you to do pretty much anything you could do on a desk- or laptop computer, but with so much more convenience. Whether you’re buying for business or play, iOS or Android, children or adults, ask one of our knowledgeable TCC reps which tablet is best for your Valentine.

Smartwatches: Jewelry with Function

Give them a token of your affection they can wear on their sleeve – or morso, their arm. Besides looking great, smartwatches have multiple benefits. This one device easily allows you to stay connected through phone calls and text, social media, and apps for much of what you can download on your phone. Today’s smartwatches even track your fitness and health and are even more convenient to use than your phone.

Accessories: Dress Your Tech

Accessories are the best way to personalize your tech devices and TCC has plenty of choices for every taste. Choose from earbuds, cases, screen protectors, phone grips, and more to show your Valentine that something you saw made you think of them.

It’s been a tough year, let the Valentines in your life know you care with the gift of wireless tech. And don’t forget something for yourself because you deserve it too.

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