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Unfold the Possibilities on Samsung’s New Phone

The Samsung Z Fold2 5G smartphone is available now! It’s a revolutionary mobile experience unlike any phone you’ve ever used before.

Have and Do It All

The Z Fold2 has a balanced, portable design that is a phone when it’s folded and a tablet when it’s unfolded. Flexed for infinite possibilities. It’s engineered to give you the flexibility to do more. Folded, it has a 6.2” screen with a generous display, perfect for photos, writing, and more. Unfolded it has an expansive 7.6” Dynamic AMOLED screen for an expansive cinematic display that still fits in your pocket.

You can open an app on the Cover Screen, then unfold it to see it on the larger screen. The two displays work seamlessly together to maintain app continuity. Plus, you can multitask with two apps at once on the folded Cover Screen and unfold it to even add a third!

It’s as powerful as it is beautiful. The battery is a whopping 4,500mAh, which means you can go all day without needing a charge. And the improved AI actively saves energy for when you need it most.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G has 5G access built right into the chip. With this device, get next-level connectivity, speed, and reliability. If 5G isn’t available in your area yet, it will work just fine on your 4G network, and you’ll be ready for the future once it’s available, no upgrades necessary!

This device offers a whole new gaming experience. With fast response times and smooth action on the unfolded main screen, you’ve never experienced lag-free gaming on your phone like this before. You can even connect a Bluetooth controller and Galaxy Buds Live for an even more immersive experience.

Get the Perfect Shot

With this phone, you can use both screens to make sure everyone likes the shot before you even snap it! You frame the shot on the unfolded main screen, and the Cover Screen will give your photo subjects a preview that allows them to adjust before you take it.

Auto framing keeps your subject the center of attention when you’re recording a video. If more people get in the frame, it will widen the view to make sure they’re included, then bring it back to the main subject as soon as they leave.

Three lenses are better than one: the rear camera is comprised of a 12MP wide angle lens to brighten up low light shots, 12MP ultrawide lens, and 12MP telephoto lens to zoom in. The front cam has a 10MP lens as well for stunning selfies.

Ready to unfold all the possibilities with the Samsung Z Fold2 5G? Get one today at a TCC near you. Plus, view our special offers here.

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