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Google’s Newest Smartphone: Pixel 5

Google just announced their newest smartphone today, the Google Pixel 5, with amazing camera enhancements, top-notch security, 5G capabilities and more. Launching October 29. Here’s what’s new:

Shoot Like a Pro

Google’s phones are known for their phenomenal cameras, and it’s only gotten better on the Pixel 5. An ultrawide lens has been added to help you capture even more of the moment, perfect for jaw-dropping scenery shots. Plus, new features let you shoot and edit like a pro. Night Sight helps you capture all the details without the flash even in low light, and now you can use this feature in Portrait Mode for the first time! Sometimes you won’t have optimal lighting conditions when you’re trying to get that shot, but that is now eliminated with Portrait Light – illuminate portraits even when your subject is backlit or has harsh shadows, and you can also apply this effect to photos you’ve already taken even if it was years ago.

Add some drama to your videos with the new cinematic pan for that super-smooth look inspired by Hollywood movies. Plus, everything you shoot will automatically be enhanced with HDR+ to look its best and be just as vivid as you remember.

All-Day Battery, and Then Some

The adaptive battery learns your favorite apps and reduces power on the ones you rarely use so you can keep the charge all day long. With the brand-new Extreme Battery Saver feature, it can even extend your battery life up to 48 hours on a single charge! Plus, it has wireless charging capabilities and reverse wireless charging capabilities. This means you can use your Pixel to wirelessly charge your Pixel Buds.

Please Hold

Does anyone enjoy wasting their time and waiting on hold? This becomes an annoyance of the past with Hold for Me. Google Assistant waits on hold for you and alerts you when someone gets back on the line so you can spend less time waiting and more time living your life. Call Screen will proactively screen unknown callers and filter out robocalls before the phone even rings, saving you even more time.

Stay Secure

Tech security is becoming increasingly important in the digital age, and Pixel has your back. The Titan M chip secures the OS and sensitive data, like your passwords and transactions. This phone also scans for incoming threats over phone, texts, emails, and links sent from apps. It is constantly scanning all day to keep you and your phone safe from hackers.

Google Pixel 5 is available for pre-order today and starts at just $699.

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