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The Samsung Galaxy S9 Is So Fast.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are officially the fastest smartphones on the market, according to Ookla, a leading mobile data speed analyst. (You’ve probably checked your internet speeds using their global broadband speed test!)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the fastest smartphone ever.

These phones have download speeds up to 42% faster than other devices out there. What does this mean for you? Now your smartphone can fully keep up with your busy life. No more panic-downloading only a quarter of a movie before your flight takes off. No more staring at a frozen screen while your shows buffer at the peak of the action. No more waiting for half your apps update. Faster speeds means you spend less time waiting around and more time doing whatever you do best.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The download speeds aren’t the only thing the Galaxy S9 is known for –it has an amazing dual-aperture camera, tons of storage, and a battery that’s in it for the long haul with you. To learn more about why Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is the fastest, click here. 

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