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Nursing Homes Rock

During the week of May 14-18, TCC stores across the country will be donating care kits to local nursing homes.

We want to use this week to show our appreciation to the senior community and highlight some of the benefits of nursing homes. Each care kit contains a plethora of supplies like colored pencils, markers, water colors, puzzles, games, and more.

Nursing Homes Rock

Built-In Social Network

Most nursing homes have a constant stream of organized activities, entertainment that’s brought in, exercise classes, and other social events. This makes it easier to meet your peers and form connections.

Amazing Food

Fine dining can be found in plenty of nursing homes who hire high-end certified chefs to cook amazing meals every single day. Some even have multiple restaurants inside to eat at so you have options! Plus, there’s dieticians on hand to ensure you’re meeting your dietary requirements. The more I’m looking into this, the more interested I am in living in a nursing home…

Specialized Heath Care

Nursing homes are made for people who have health conditions. There’s trained staff who are able to help with all your needs, as well as help with medication administration, and emergency services.

Peace of Mind

Taking care of a family member with a serious health problem can become almost a full-time commitment, but nursing homes are there to help. It provides both you and your loved one with peace of mind knowing that there’s always someone close by in case of an emergency who will be able to help.

How can you help?

It’s easy to get involved! See if there’s a nursing home in your area you can help support by volunteering your time and spending an afternoon there, or you could prepare care kits like us!

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