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Experience the World While Staying at Home

Now that social distancing is our reality and we’re spending a lot more time at home, it’s easy to go a little stir crazy. Even for the ultimate homebody, there’s a big difference between not wanting to go out and not being able to go out. However, in these unprecedented times, and thanks to the internet, people and businesses around the globe are coming together to offer entertainment and learning experiences that you might not otherwise have.

So, clear your schedule, jump online and get ready to tour the world.

Music to our ears.

Pay It Forward Live: Whether you’re listening on your tablet, computer or phone, Verizon and Yahoo Entertainment are teaming up to give you front-row seats – or screens – to some of the hottest concerts of the season:

During the course of this exciting eight-week series, artists will perform from their homes and interact with fans through Twitter, giving fans a way to connect during this time of social distancing. Pay It Forward Live will stream live every Tuesday/Thursday at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET on @Verizon’s Twitter handle and here on Yahoo Entertainment.

In other Verizon news, if you subscribe to Disney+ (one year free for eligible customers), you and your family can now watch “Frozen 2,” which was released to the streaming platform earlier than expected. Apologies to all you parents whose children were finally “letting go” of the original movie soundtrack.

All the world’s a stage. How’d you like to take in a Berlin Philharmonic performance in the morning, catch the Vienna State Opera in the afternoon, and end your evening with a Broadway show (because the show must go on)? Did we mention it’s all free too? Check out all the cultural activities that await you in Thrillist’s article, “These Operas & Symphonies Are Hosting Virtual Shows for You to Enjoy at Home.”

Dancing (not) by yourself. It’s unfortunate, but many well-known festival and nightclub promoters have had to cancel or postpone their music events. However, some, like Insomniac and DJs across the nation, are bringing the party online.

Something to see here.

Exhibit A Have you been to the Louvre? How about the Guggenheim? This is the perfect time to visit those cultural treasures as well as any of the other 2,500 museums and galleries Google Arts & Culture has compiled for you.

Back to Nature Remember, you can go outside at this time and you probably should get some fresh air. But if you’re looking for a bigger outdoor adventure, Google is offering virtual tours of national parks that are both educational and visually stunning. Zoos are also getting in on the fun, for example, the Cincinnati Facebook Live Feed and Atlanta “Panda Cam.” You can also take your whole family on a tour of aquariums, such as the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Just google “virtual zoo and aquariums” and pick your destination(s).

Tired yet?

These are just some of the online opportunities to experience the world that are now available at your fingertips. As the days go on, more and more activities are being offered to keep you busy, including online gym classes. (No more: “Aww, I was going start going to the gym, but now they’re closed.”) And remember, it’s also a great time for spring cleaning.

If you’re looking for new wireless tech to accompany you on adventures, now and in the future, TCC is here for you.

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