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Preparing for Your New Samsung Galaxy S10

You’ve got your new Galaxy S10 pre-ordered already; what can you do to prepare while you’re awaiting its arrival?

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Back It Up

Back up your content ahead of time to be extra secure! This way, you’re ready to start transferring as soon as that new Galaxy S10 comes. You can use your phone’s built in cloud, like Samsung Cloud, to create a backup, or you can back up to your computer. Backups keep all of your files safe just in case something happens and they go missing.

If you can’t do a backup because you have way too much stuff on your phone and your storage is full, keep reading…

Organize, Organize, Organize

But first, you should go through your phone and do some spring cleaning. Do you really want to wait while all 9,571 pictures transfer over? Use these Marie Kondo-inspired tips to make your backup more manageable. 

While you’re waiting, brush up on the brand new features your new Galaxy will have. 

Time to Transfer

Once your new Samsung is finally here, you’ll want all of your stuff on it like contacts, photos, messages, etc. Don’t worry -Samsung has made it super easy to transfer content by yourself at home.

 For step by step instructions, click here.

Your phone is only as good as the network it’s on. Get it on America’s #1 network, Verizon.

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