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Pre-order your Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro at TCC

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 10am, the moment that Google fans have been waiting for finally arrived: The Google Pixel 6 Launch. As usual, the launch was an array of vibrant images and fascinating features. In fact, Google has tagged the new devices, “The helpful Google phones” and “The reimagined Google phones.” But with previous versions already pretty great, what is Google up to now? Let’s find out.

The Pixel 6 Look

The first thing you’ll notice is the sleek, stylish redesign of the back, which features a camera bar. Look closely and you’ll see that the bar serves as a dividing line between two distinctive colors. Even the hue on the black phone transforms, although the change isn’t as obvious.

The vivid new colors have poetic names:

Pixel 6 Pro

  • Cloudy White
  • Sorta Sunny
  • Stormy Black

Pixel 6

  • Sorta Seafoam
  • Kinda Coral
  • Stormy Black

Both Pixel 6 models come with an alloy frame and Corning® Gorilla® back glass.

These phones aren’t just about good looks, they’re also about resistance and performance.

The Pixel 6 Camera

The Pixel has always been known for its camera, but the newest iteration goes above and beyond what we’ve seen before. Google has worked with industry experts to create a feature called Real Tone. With Real Tone, well, Google puts it better than we can: “Portraits on Pixel represent the nuances of different skin tones for all people beautifully and authentically.” In addition, the Pixel 6 will put professional editing capabilities in your hands without the need for additional programs.

Here are a few of the camera features:

  • More light captured
  • Stronger Zoom
  • Magic Eraser
  • Face Unblur
  • Machine Learning Motion and Portrait Modes

To learn more about the professional capacity of these new lenses, check out this clip from the Google Pixel 6 Launch featuring the camera.

The Pixel 6 Power

These features are only as good as the processor behind them and that’s why Google has introduced its first custom-made processor named Tensor. The Tensor is 85% faster than the Pixel 5. Google combines speed and AI into a new series that will turn the heads of even the most devout Android or Apple users.

And we almost forgot to mention the translation features, causing Google to give their new device an additional tag: “The world’s most fluent phone.” Check them out to see all of the Google Pixel 6 features for yourself because this blog cannot contain them all.

You can pre-order your Pixel 6 now at TCC, and they will be available on Thursday, October 28. We highly suggest pre-ordering because you are not going to want to miss out on getting your Pixel 6 nor the great offers we have going on.

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