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Kids Rock 2020

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Introducing our newest quarterly initiative, Kids Rock! This year from June 1-5, TCC stores across the country will be donating care bags for infants and children in foster care.

Behind the Idea

This new initiative was inspired by one of our very own store employees, Cortney Cummings, from Jersey Shore, PA. In 2018, Cortney was helping a customer upgrade her phone. As they were chatting, they started talking about children and this customer mentioned that she and her husband were longtime foster parents. She went on to talk about the unique struggles both parents and children in the system face; she told stories of babies getting dropped off in the middle of the night at a house where the parents have no infant supplies, or how frequently kids leave their previous homes with little to no belongings in a trash bag.

Cortney was moved by this customer’s passion, and she and her team wanted to help out in any way they could, thus Bags of Bravery was born, Cortney’s organization that donates cute duffle bags to infants, toddlers, and children entering their first foster home.

That year, Bags of Bravery donated 200 duffle bags through the help of a local foster agency that distributed them. Cortney said it was amazing watching the community come together and to see how many people wanted to get involved when they heard about her cause. Our nonprofit, TCC Gives, also chipped in with a Community Grant.

After seeing how her one idea impacted so many people, she was motivated to take it to an even larger scale. Cortney thought that kids, specifically foster care, was a cause that resonated with TCC’s employees and our customers, and we agreed! With over 400,000 children in foster care in the United States alone, this cause is well worth supporting. We are so excited to start Kids Rock this June and help donate over 4,000 more duffle bags to foster children. Check out more info on Bags of Bravery here.

Get Involved

If you’re looking for foster care agencies in your area, browse them on the official Child Welfare Information Gateway website here.

You can also help this event directly by shopping at your local TCC Verizon store and rounding up your purchase to the next dollar. Your spare change will go directly toward all four of our initiatives, including Kids Rock. Learn more here.

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