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Say Goodbye to Stress with an App

How are you doing? Really. Are you feeling a little stressed? It’s okay – these are unprecedented times. Even in normal times, it’s easy to get overwhelmed some days. And while people may tell you to put down your phone and step away from the internet at least for a short time, we’re going to show you how the two can actually help you become a little bit more relaxed.

Just Calm Down

How many times have we all heard that? Luckily over the last few years there has been a global initiative to practice meditation and mindfulness, and science has shown that there are great benefits to both. If you need a little guidance to reach your inner self and find some peace, apps such as Calm or Headspace can lead you to the right place. If these apps don’t seem to be your (chamomile) cup of tea, Digital Trends suggests many other relaxation apps that may be more your pace.

Get Some Sleep

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep; but often, like relaxing, it’s easier said than done. Whether you need help falling asleep, staying asleep or even just regulating your sleep schedule, there’s an app for that. Some of the more popular ones include Relax Melodies and Sleep Cycle, and Calm and Headspace have sleep features as well. For even more sleep tracker apps, visit Mobile App Daily.

Take Charge and Get Things Done

Do things in your environment – and life – need a bit of tidying up? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything that’s going on even in normal times, but there’s help. In fact, there are many apps available that will assist you in organizing everything from your home, to your day, to even your phone apps themselves. Some apps like Our Home and Tody can actually make household chores fun. And while you’re on your cleaning spree, don’t forget to check out our blog “How to Efficiently Spring Clean” for additional tips Need even more help? For the best productivity apps of 2020, we refer to Digital Trends once again.

Get Moving

Many people swear that exercise is the best form of stress release and we all know that even moving a little is better than nothing. Popular apps like Aaptiv and Daily Burn will help get you going. But no matter what type of exercise you’re looking for – whether that be yoga, running, strength training, or just about anything else – this best fitness app list from Tom’s Guide will have something to meet your interest and skill level.

The next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed, pick your tech, visit your app store and just relax. You can do it.  

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