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World Tourism Day

Today, September 27, is World Tourism Day! Each year, the holiday has a different theme to bring awareness to the role that tourism has internationally. This year, the theme is “Tourism and Jobs – A Better Future For All.” Tourism generates about 10% of all jobs worldwide, and you can help by supporting local businesses when you travel.

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Inspired by World Tourism Day and planning to explore a new city? Check out these tech travel essentials that you won’t want to go on a trip without.

Samsung Galaxy Buds, wireless headphones

Samsung Galaxy Buds

These wireless earbuds pair with your phone and tablet wherever you are. Listen to music, podcasts, and make calls without the hassle of wires. Even if you’re on a loud, packed flight, Ambient Aware lets you control how much surrounding noise you let in.

Apple iPad Mini great for travel


Let the brand new iPad Mini be your go-to travel companion. This tabletweighs just 0.66 pounds, making it easy to hold in your hand or throw in a bag. The battery life lasts all day, so you can stay entertained for a whole road trip.

Mophie Powerstation Plus Mini External Battery

Once you start traveling with a portable battery, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without one! This Mophie Powerstation is a 4,000Mah portable battery with a built-in cable that’s small enough to fit in any bag or purse. You can travel worry-free, knowing that even if your phone battery is running low and there’s no outlets in sight, you’ll always be able to charge it up.

New iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Camera

The iPhone 11 series has a new ultra-wide lens, great for capturing the moment and taking in more scenery than ever before. This lens captures 4x more scene which makes for breathtaking landscape shots.

Google Lens

The Google Pixel 3 (link to google pixel 3 blog) has a Google Lens that allows you to search what you see –perfect for when you’re in a brand new city. Just point your camera to identify landmarks, plants, and animals, find products online, and more!

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Food Mode

Capture the flavor with food mode on Samsung’s Galaxy and Note phones. This special camera mode makes sure your pictures look as good as the dish tastes by automatically adjusting the coloring.

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