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Verizon 3G Network Shutdown

Verizon will be retiring their 3G network. Phones that only work on 3G, called CDMA-only devices, will no longer be activated if they don’t support HD Voice service. What does this mean and will you be impacted?

Impacted Devices

These types of devices can no longer be activated:

  • CDMA-only devices, including 3G basic phones and 3G smartphones
  • 4G LTE smartphones that don’t support HD Voice
  • iPhone 5s and before
  • 2G/3G Hum+
  • 3G Smartwatches
  • Motorola RAZR
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Note 3

The next phase of the network shutdown will be prepaid.

After April 30, 2019, Verizon will no longer allow CDMA-only/4G non-HD devices to be activated on prepaid service.

What Do I Do?

Don’t worry. If you currently have a CDMA-only phone or one of the devices listed above, you’ll still be able to use it and will be unaffected by these changes. You don’t need to update to a 4G-capable smartphone immediately, but you should definitely think about upgrading in the near future. Sometime soon, Verizon will retire its 3G network for good, making your phone obsolete and unable to receive service.

Why is This Happening?

Verizon is retiring their 3G network to move to an LTE network with superior coverage, performance, and lower costs. Overall, it’s to benefit you!

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  1. 3g-until-2021 says:

    Verizon Delays 3G Network Shutdown until Dec 31, 2020: 3g will continue to work throughout entire year of 2020.

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