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Three Of Our Favorite Qmadix Products

Introducing TCC’s Accessory of the Month: Qmadix. Discover new ways to power up and protect your phone with the best phone chargers and high-tech screen protectors. 

Take a look at some of our favorite products:


1. Qmadix Rapid Wireless Charging Pad 

Why we love it: In the past few years, charging solutions have come a long way. Now, all you need to do to begin charging is drop it on the charging pad. No more fiddling with tangled cables and trying multiple times to plug the charger into the teeny tiny slot! Plus, if your phone has quick charge capabilities, you’ll be able to charge it up to twice as fast. Watch this video to learn more. 

2. Qmadix Invisible First-Defense+ NanoGlass Screen Protector

Why we love it: Keep your phone protected against nicks, scratches, and other day-to-day activities with this screen protector. Plus, it’s antibacterial and reduces device radiation emission. 

What sets Qmadix’s screen protector apart from the rest is the use of nano technology to create an invisible coating over the screen, instead of adding another layer of glass and extra bulk to your device. Application is super simple; it’s basically a wet wipe that you apply directly to the screen, eliminating bubbles completely. This is one of the best screen protectors that helps keep your phone -and yourself- protected.

3. Qmadix USB Charging-Data Sync Braided Lightning Cable 

Why we love it: Have you ever had either a charger or case be so wonky that you need to remove the case every time you charge? I definitely have. Charging doesn’t have to be this way. This 6-foot long braided cable won’t get tangled and is specifically designed to work with almost any case out there. 

You can get all of these products at a TCC Verizon store near you. But, you have been forewarned -once you get a charging pad or rapid charger, you’ll never want to go back to your basic cables again.

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