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Will it crack? Testing the Qmadix Liquid Glass screen protector

When trying to find the best screen protector, it can be hard to tell which ones actually live up to their boasts of protecting one of your most precious possessions: your phone. Qmadix Liquid Glass is here to change the way we protect our screens.

Your average screen protector takes a bit of fiddling to get it positioned perfectly on your screen. Then, after cleaning the screen and following all the instructions to a T, you hold your breath and apply it, only to find that the company lied to you and those little bubbles under the screen actually don’t go away after a few hours of sitting. The edges are slightly crooked, a little piece of dust slipped under there that’s definitely going to bother you, but it’s already stuck so can’t do anything about it besides buying a completely new screen protector. Sound familiar?

It’s time for a new kind of protector. Enter Qmadix Liquid Glass.

Invisible First-Defense Liquid Glass by Qmadix is a screen protector that goes above and beyond the capabilities of most others. To start, the application process is insanely easy. Inside the package are two wet wipe packets. The first one cleans your phone screen and the second wipe is the actual protector for the screen. To apply, simply wipe your screen in a circular motion, wait a few minutes to buff out, and it will set over the next 48 hours, but you’re able to use your phone during this set time.

When it dries, it’s 500 times thinner than human hair. The liquid glass fills the pores on your screen to make a coating so thin, it’s invisible to the human eye and eliminates the unsightly edges all traditional protectors have. It’s scratch resistant and has a 9H hardness rating- that’s the same hardness as sapphire.

Your phone screen is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria (and really, who hasn’t taken their phone with them to the bathroom at least once), but Liquid Glass repels 99.9% of bacteria. Bad news for germs, but good news for us.

We decided to put Liquid Glass to the test and see if it really could stand up to all its claims with a hammer, keys, a box cutter, and a drop test from waist height. I’ll be honest, I was nervous and skeptical going into this, especially since I was the one who applied the screen protector. You can’t even see it to know for sure that it’s on there! But our chosen tools of destruction were laid out on the table, the camera was rolling, and there’s no turning back.

Check out this TCC Talk to see if Qmadix Liquid Glass passes our destruction test:

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  1. Sabrina of maryland says:

    It didn’t work and my phone has plenty of scratches.

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