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I Got 99 Problems but a Broken Phone Ain’t One

So, you want a new 5G phone and you’d love to trade yours in, but there’s a problem: your phone is broken. Maybe it has a cracked screen or water damage. Perhaps it won’t turn on or the battery loses charge after one minute. It may even be covered in dents or bite marks. (If you have a pet and/or toddler, you know what we’re talking about.) Well, guess what, it might not actually be a problem after all. For the first time ever, having a broken phone isn’t a death sentence as far as trade-ins go, and TCC will let you trade it in for a new 5G one. In Verizon’s own words: “You broke your phone, so now we’re breaking the rules.”

Trade in Your Broken Phone

Life is unpredictable and stuff happens. Unfortunately, sometimes that stuff happens to our phones no matter how careful we are. TCC understands this and that’s why some things have changed. See for yourself:

Does Your Phone Qualify: The Trade-In Fine Print

The broken phone trade-in deal is open to both new and existing customers who meet the requirements. Here’s the fine print:

All device conditions (good or damaged) can be traded for promotional value except:

  • Damaged battery (hot, swollen, leaking)
  • Unidentifiable device model (phone in pieces)
  • Activation Lock turned on
  • Device is on Lost/Stolen List

Other fine print:

  • New lines and Upgrade eligible
  • Select trade-in required
  • Select Unlimited plans

A Better Than Fair Trade

Now that 5G is coming to more and more cities, wouldn’t it be nice if you had a phone that could make the most of it? Combine that power with all of the other perks that come with the Verizon network and Unlimited Plans, and this is an offer you can’t refuse. (Don’t forget to add Verizon Protect, Redux, screen protector and case to your brand-new 5G device because you don’t want a new broken phone.)

Stop into your local TCC to learn more about this deal and to pick out your new 5G phone. Don’t forget to check out our other offers too.

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