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Samsung Galaxy S20 is Here

Samsung’s newest Galaxy iteration is here: the S20 5G UW, 20+ 5G and S20 Ultra 5G, and you can get them all at Verizon now and save big.

Galaxy S20 – What’s New

Why should you want the brand-new Galaxy S20? With revolutionary 8K Video Snap, it will change the way you video and photograph forever -that’s the highest-quality resolution on a smartphone. They basically designed the entire phone around this amazing camera system. The S20 Ultra has a whopping 108MP camera, and the 64MP camera on the S20 and S20+ is still impressive. (The camera on last year’s S10 was a 12MP lens)

Super Zoom

With the S20 Ultra 5G, you can zoom in 100x thanks to Space Zoom and see shots you never knew existed. Even though you’re able to zoom in extremely close, the image will remain bright and crisp. The S20 and S20+ allow you to zoom in 30x.

Bright Night

Samsung almost tripled the size of the sensor so you can shoot even better in low light. The pro-grade camera merges multiple photos into one stunning shot with minimal blur and noise.

Super Steady

Sophisticated AI balances camera movement. The final result is a super smooth, stabilized shot that rivals work done on professional video equipment and editing software.

Single Take

Indecisive? I am. My camera roll consists of 800 nearly identical pictures of my dog with microscopic angle and lighting changes. Single Take lets you shoot for up to 10 seconds in a variety of formats so you can choose the best style without having to reshoot.


A 5G modem is baked into the phone which lets you upload and download in an instant. Livestream, share, and game at HyperFast speeds.

Launch Deals

Are you convinced? If you get it now, you can save big. See our deals on the Galaxy S20 now.

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