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Keep Your Kids Safe with Smart Family

Verizon Smart Family gives you peace of mind while giving your kids some freedom. Smart Family helps you set limits on your kids’ data, block contacts, track their location, and more -all conveniently from one app.

Smart Family

Make sure your kids are staying safe online and monitor their activity.


Plus taxes & fees.

Content Filters

Keep certain sites and apps blocked until your kid is ready. This includes categories like social media, games, videos, downloads, messaging, and more. Plus, you can add specific trusted websites, while blocking others.

Activity Monitoring

See what they see and get a graph of the content your child is viewing on their device. Plus, receive weekly screen time reports and see which apps they’ve visited and how long they’ve spent on each.

Screen time reports are available only on Android devices.

Pause Internet Access

Cut back on screen time and turn off internet access at specific hours like during school, bedtime, or dinnertime.

Manage Calls and Texts

Set data limits and make sure that your child is only texting and calling with approved contacts. You can specifically block contacts so they will be unable to reach your child’s device.

Noteworthy Events

Have an extra layer of security – you’ll get alerted to suspicious app or website visits and the time that it happened.

Smart Family Premium

With Smart Family Premium, you get all the controls of Smart Family above, plus location services and driving insights.


Plus taxes & fees.

Location Tracking

Know where your kids are and get alerts when they arrive at their destination. Your kids can request rides with The Pick Me Up feature and share their precise location with you.

Driving Insights

See your child’s route, their top speed, and more metrics about their driving habits. Plus, crash detection can alert you in case of an accident.


How does web and app activity monitoring work?

On your Verizon Smart Family app, you’ll be able to see how your child is spending their time online and on their phone. You’ll be given a graph that shows general categories of content and a ratio for how much your child engages with each category. You’ll also get a breakdown of which apps and websites they used within those categories.

How does location tracking work?

For the most accurate location tracking and to get full use of features, you will install the Smart Family Companion app on your child’s phone. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to precisely track their location, set up location alerts if they leave a set boundary, have a check-in feature where your child can send a notification to the parent with their precise location, and use the “Pick Me Up” feature where your child can request a ride from you.

Do I need the Smart Family Companion app on my child’s device?

No, but you won’t be able to use every feature available. You’ll still be able to view call and text activity; set time restrictions on texts, calls, and data usage; set data limits; set text, call, and purchase limits; and get access to their device’s approximate network location.

Without the app on your child’s phone, you will not be able to use location alerts, the Pick Me Up feature, set content filters, monitor web and app activity, pause internet access, and set time restrictions on Wi-Fi usage.

Read all the FAQs about Smart Family here.

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