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iOS 15 Updates Coming Fall 2021

This fall, iOS 15 is coming with tons of new features that will enhance the way you connect with others, explore the world, and do more with your iPhone than ever before.

New to FaceTime

Watch TV shows, movies, listen to music, and share your screen over FaceTime with SharePlay. No matter your distance, everyone can see the same thing at the same time with synced playback and controls. The volume adjusts automatically so you can talk while you’re watching.

FaceTime spatial audio makes individual voices sound like they’re coming from the direction that each person is shown on your screen, which helps conversations flow more naturally.

Grid view for group FaceTime allows you to have better conversations with a larger group of people. The speaker is automatically highlighted so everyone will know who’s talking at that moment.

Portrait mode on the iPhone camera is a crowd pleaser. Now you can look your best with Portrait mode on FaceTime as well! This effect puts the emphasis on you, not your background.

Make a unique FaceTime web link to schedule a call. This link can be shared over messages, mail, or other third-party apps. You can also make calendar invites that will put the event directly in everyone’s iPhone calendar.

And finally! iOS 15 allows you to FaceTime with ANYONE -that’s right- even if they have a Windows or Android device. It’s still using Apple’s super safe encryption so it will be just as secure as any other FaceTime call.

Introducing Focus

Stay in the moment when you need to concentrate or step away with Focus. When Focus is turned on, your status will automatically be displayed in iMessage, but there will still be a way for people to reach you in case of an emergency.

Choose from a list of suggested Focus options or create a custom one. These options allow you to only receive notifications you’ve selected, and the rest will be silenced while you’re busy.

More Useful Updates

Notifications are redesigned with larger app icons and contact photos to make everything easier to identify at a glance. Get ready for your day by setting a schedule to receive a daily notification summary that’s intelligently ordered by priority.

Maps enhancements make navigating even better like turn lanes, crosswalks, bike lanes, a new map for current road hazards and traffic conditions for driving, immersive step-by-step walking directions with AR, and new public transit features.

Safari lets you organize tabs and quickly switch between them. These groups sync across your Apple devices so you can access them from anywhere. Plus, you can install Safari extensions on iPhone and search the web using just your voice.

To see the full list preview of features coming to iOS 15 this fall, visit Apple’s website here.

What feature are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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