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Help Prevent E-Waste with Electronic Recycling

What Is E-Waste

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is the fastest growing solid waste stream in the world, and less than a quarter of it is properly recycled. E-waste includes items with plugs, cords, or electronic parts, like televisions, computers, phones, appliances, and more.

How to Prevent E-Waste

Properly recycling or discarding your old electronics is essential to cutting down on e-waste. Many towns host free or low-cost recycling events where they take items that shouldn’t be thrown in a landfill and can’t be recycled normally. Local recycling events are very common in late April around Earth Day.

Recycle Your Old Electronics

TCC stores will take select used electronics at any time and put them toward a great cause! We accept old and damaged smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. These electronics benefit More Than a Phone, a nonprofit that keeps survivors of domestic violence connected through free smartphones and service. Learn about More Than a Phone and their cause here.

Find a TCC Verizon store near you today to donate your old phone.

We’re proud that some of the new smartphones we sell have changed their design to be more mindful of the planet. Apple iPhone 15 is made of 75% recycled aluminum to minimize environmental impact. Together, we can build a more sustainable future and cut down on e-waste by making mindful choices.

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