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Cut the Cord: Better Than Cable

What is Cord Cutting?

Cord cutting is leaving cable TV for internet streaming options, an act that has gained more and more popularity in the past few years. Instead of paying a large price each month for cable when you most likely don’t watch all the channels, people are deciding to use more tailored streaming services, like Netflix, discovery+, Disney+, and many more. Cutting the cord saves you a whole lot of money each month, and it gives you the freedom to only pay for the content you actually want to watch.

Equipping Your Internet for Cord Cutting

When you’re ready to ditch cable, Verizon Home Internet has you covered! Their fast and reliable home internet will let you stream, game, and work at the speed you need. Verizon offers three primary internet products: Fios Home Internet, 5G Home Internet, and LTE Home Internet.

Check Verizon internet availability in your area now.

myPlan Perks

Verizon myPlan perks are the perfect way to save even more money when you cut the cord. Choose any Verizon Unlimited phone plan and pair it with perks. Each perk costs just $10 a month and can be switched up at any time.

The Cord-Cutting Perks:

Netflix and Max Bundle


You save $6.98

Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ Bundle


You save $8.99

+play Monthly Credit


You save $5

With this perk, you pay $10/mo to receive a $15 monthly credit for streaming services, like Paramount+, discovery+, MasterClass, and much more. Full details.

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