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TCC Stores Donating Supplies to Local Schools

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Teachers work so hard and have such an important job. Each year, they spend hundreds of their own dollars on school supplies for their classroom. That’s why we started Teachers Rock!

Each year, all participating TCC stores choose a local school to donate care packages of school supplies. We do this around February because supplies are usually running low by this time in the school year. Every care kit contains supplies like dry erase markers, pencils, staples, tissues, and more.

This year, we will be donating our care kits during the week of February 10 – 14.

Stop by your local TCC store to suggest a school or teacher for a care kit delivery.

Find my TCC Verizon store now.

Big Impact

We’re also giving back to teachers through our Big Impact event. For 2020, we’re randomly selecting 20 teachers to win 20 prizes. Each prize will be worth $1,000. Contest begins February 10th and runs through February 24th. Check back for more information.

Check out our teachers’ lounge makeover we did last year for one school in Madison, Indiana here.

Did you know that we do similar events that help different groups throughout the year? Learn about our other givebacks here.

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