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5 Reasons Why You Should Try the Google Pixel 2

After winning Google Home Minis at the popup donut shop last November, my boyfriend John decided to get the new Google Pixel 2. The smart speaker was the first Google product I’ve owned and it quickly became a vital part of my everyday routine; After using John’s Pixel for a bit and getting a feel for things, I could really see myself loving this phone too. But, you shouldn’t hear it just from me–I’ve asked John to tell me some of his favorite things about the phone and why he ultimately made the switch. 

Here’s why you should consider checking it out too:

1. The Camera

It has the highest rated smartphone camera. Again. The first Google Pixel was the previous holder of that title, and they’ve made the camera even better for the Pixel 2. The 12.2MP camera takes blurred background portraits, photos in low light, and smooth videos. And the best part? You get free unlimited storage in original quality for all photos and videos.

The camera is definitely John’s favorite feature to show off. Here’s some pictures taken on his Pixel.

Google Pixel 2

What makes Google’s portrait mode so notable is the fact that it only needs one lens to create the DSLR-quality photographs. This allows it to work on the front camera, unlike so many other smartphones on the market right now that only have rear camera portrait mode.   

Google Pixel 2

This unedited picture was taken outside around 9pm, with no flash in very low light. You can actually see the subject matter!

2. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is built in to this phone and available to help you 24/7. Activate your personal assistant by saying “Hey Google,” “Okay Google,” or by simply squeezing the sides of the phone. You can set timers and alarms, request a ride, buy tickets, and even reserve a table completely hands-free.

3. Google Lens

Google Lens allows you to search what’s right in front of you. By taking a picture of a landmark, building, or painting, Pixel will give you more details about it. Taking a picture of a book will pull up reviews and other information about it. And, taking a picture of a business card easily lets you add them as a phone contact. Google never ceases to amaze me with how they can make anything convenient.

4. Battery Life

I’m extremely jealous of the Google Pixel 2’s battery capabilities. The fast charging battery delivers up to 7 hours of use on 15 minutes of charge. You read that right –just 15 minutes!! And with continuous 4G surfing, the battery lasts a whopping 11 hours and 7 minutes. In that amount of time, you could watch far too many YouTube videos.

5. Operating System

This phone uses pure Android as its operating system. No frills about it. Often times, manufacturers will add additional software that takes up space and clutters the operating system. Not with Pixel. I was able to intuitively navigate, even my very first time using the phone. Pixel’s operating system is what ultimately won John over and convinced him to make the switch.

The Google Pixel 2 is exclusively available on the largest 4G LTE network, Verizon. Head to you nearest TCC Verizon store today to check it out. Plus, right now, when you buy one Google Pixel 2 and trade-in an eligible device, you can get up to $840 toward your second Pixel!

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