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TCC’s 10 Days of Giving

This year is the 10th anniversary of our School Rocks Backpack Giveaway, our annual event where participating TCC stores give free backpacks filled with school supplies to local students. To celebrate, we will be performing 10 acts of giving leading up to the event that serve our customers, employees, and other members of the community. Check out all the exciting events we have planned this year!

Day 1: Teachers Rock

February 14 – 18

An annual Community Event. Every store will donate a care kit to a local school to show their appreciation for teachers. We will also randomly select 20 schools to win $1,000 gift cards from Amazon. Read more on our blog.

Day 2: “You Pick”

We’re encouraging every employee to perform one act of kindness without spending any money. You can get in on this one too! One small action can make someone’s entire day. If you’d like to share what you did, post on social media with the hashtag #10DaysofGiving.

Here are some ideas of free kind acts you can do:

  • Write a note to someone you care about
  • Give a stranger a compliment
  • Donate blood
  • Promote a small business online, like leaving a positive review or sharing a post
  • Shovel someone’s driveway
  • Spend time with the elderly
  • Help out with a chore
  • Give an old phone to More Than a Phone. All TCC stores accept phone donations. Find a store now
  • Call a friend or family member who you haven’t talked to in a while
  • Donate unused items to local shelters
  • Put away stray shopping carts in the parking lot
  • Teach someone something you’re knowledgeable about

Day 3: National Employee Appreciation Day

March 4

Saying thanks to our amazing employees. We’ll be sending every TCC employee a gift today.

Day 4: National Pet Day

April 11

All our employees receive 16 paid volunteer hours per year. We’re encouraging them to use some of these hours today to help at a local animal shelter.

Day 5: National Nurses Appreciation Day

May 6

Nurses have had an especially tough two years. Our stores will be doing something kind for them on this day, like delivering lunch to a local unit or writing thank you cards.

Day 6: Kids Rock

May 16 – 20

An annual Community Event. This year, our stores will help us choose 23 local child-centered nonprofits to each receive a $2,000 donation -$46,000 total going to help kids!

Day 7: National Donut Day

June 3

Our stores will be delivering donuts to a local fire or police department to celebrate this national holiday. Plus, be sure to check out our social media pages this morning for an extra treat!

Day 8: Large National Donation from TCC Gives


Starting May 23, visit our social media pages to vote on your favorite nonprofit to receive a large donation from TCC Gives.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #10DaysofGiving grant voting! Charity’s Home in Baltimore, MD, is our big $25,000 grant winner! This amazing nonprofit provides a supportive housing environment, programs, resources, and training for homeless children.

Congratulations to our runners up!

2nd place: The Sanctuary at Haafsville (received a $5,000 grant)

3rd place: 100 Black Men of South Metro Atlanta (received a $2,000 grant)

4th place: Greensburg Community Bread of Life (received a $2,000 grant)

5th place: Women’s Crisis Support Team (received a $2,000 grant)

Day 9: SMB Giveaway

Early July

Select stores will be thanking new business customers with a small treat.

Thank you to our business accounts:

All American Barber


Bradshaw Trucking

Flying S

Hoodz of Clackamas

Jupiter Wings

Kiss the Cook

Levikon Corporation

Mount Carmel Stabilization
Pass Pest Control

And many more!

Day 10: Backpack Giveaway

July 31

An annual Community Event. This is the 10th anniversary of the School Rocks Backpack Giveaway, where all our stores give free backpacks filled with school supplies to local students. Attend an event and register to win one of five $10,000 college scholarships!

Learn more about the Backpack Giveaway now.


  1. Chaplain Peg says:

    You folks should get a standing ovation and a hardy round of applause! I need a phone replacement and will be coming by in a day or so. I live close by. God Bless!

  2. Dan from Belfair says:

    After reading what tcc does for there communities,it’s so awesome to see,I knew when I walked in to tcc of Belfair Wash,it was special people working there,can’t say enough about my experience with Aimee and Dave,bought a phone from both of them,truly special kind loving environment,who ever hired them is special as well,my Verizon store for life…

    1. Tori Adachi says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Dan! I’m going to pass on your kind words to the store. We appreciate you! 🙂

      Tori A, TCC

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