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Verizon Protect – Open Enrollment

Verizon Protect offers device protection, security and technical support for your digital lifestyle. It covers not only your devices, but also protects your personal data and helps you manage your calls.

Device repair and replacement

Coverage for lost, stolen or damaged devices and post-warranty malfunctions. For select smartphones, subject to parts availability, get unlimited, fast cracked screen repairs for $29 each time you need it1 and same-day device replacement and setup2. Eligibility determined at point of claim.

Security and privacy

Protect your smartphones, tablets and home computers from online threats and get around-the-clock peace of mind. Avoid risky websites and downloads, block and remove malware and viruses, and identify which mobile apps are accessing your private information.3

Wi-Fi security and protection

Connect to public Wi-Fi with confidence. Our advanced VPN technology makes your Wi-Fi connection secure and private.4

Identity theft monitoring

Your identity belongs to you. Take control with always-on ID monitoring, dark web surveillance, theft alerts and recovery tools.5

Identification of unknown phone numbers

Get real-time spam alerts and automatic blocking. Plus, get more protection with Caller ID so you can actually see who’s calling, access to personal block lists, and a risk meter for each spam call.6

Personalized help from our team of Tech Coach experts

Live, on-demand access to Tech Coach experts who can help you optimize your device and answer virtually any question.7

1. Visit to check eligibility, which is subject to change.
2. Eligibility is contingent on certain criteria including claim approval time.
3. Compatible 4G or 5G device req’d. OS restrictions apply. Android OS 4.4+ or iOS 11+ for smartphones and tablets; Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7 or MAC OS X 10.12+ for computers. Antivirus and app privacy scanning not supported on iOS.
4. OS restrictions apply. Smartphones and network-enabled tablets must be running Android OS 4.4+ or iOS11+. Digital Secure app download req’d.
5. Enrollment via app is required. Verizon does not monitor all transactions and cannot protect against all identity theft; credit monitoring is not provided. Customer should contact the three national credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, to monitor credit report. Customer should always take steps to safeguard personal information to reduce chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.
6. Compatible device req’d; features included vary by device. Call Filter app req’d for spam blocking and other enhanced spam protection tools.
7. The Tech Coach app collects data from the user’s device to facilitate certain Tech Coach services, including but not limited to the Tap-to-Call, Tap-to-Chat and device optimization and insights functionalities. This data is used solely for Tech Coach services. For complete details, see the Tech Coach terms of service. Device must be on and within the Verizon Wireless Data Network Coverage Area for the Tech Coach app to function. Data usage applies for download and use. The self-help and proactive support functionalities are available at no charge for eligible devices.