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Rescues Rock Grant

TCC & Wireless Zone® $10,000 Grant Voting

Vote for one animal rescue organization to receive a $10,000 grant from TCC & Wireless Zone®. Cast your votes from Monday, April 22 - Sunday, April 28. One vote per person.

Voting is now closed. Our winner will be announced during our pet adoption events on Saturday, May 11th at 3PM EST.
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Meet Our Rescues

All paws on deck logo

All Paws on Deck

Griswold, CT

All Paws on Deck is a nonprofit dedicated to the welfare of pregnant dogs and their puppies. Their mission is to rescue those dogs from overcrowded shelters, where too often they are euthanized. They bring them into safe foster homes, where attentive volunteers care for the mother dog during her pregnancy, delivery of the puppies, and their recovery. Their goal is to find loving families for all their rescues and puppies.

All Paws on Deck’s biggest need is a utility vehicle that’s big enough to transport many dogs and equipment at the same time. They have a large number of animals in their care at all times and have a higher demand for adoption events, which requires transporting several dogs, crates, play pens, tables, supplies, etc. Dogs need more than love and food; they need us to transport them safely to the rescue and the vet, to adoption events, and other outings. Watch what a typical vet visit looks like here. All Paws on Deck’s vehicle needs to have a large cargo space that’s made of plastic so it can be properly disinfected, significantly reducing cross contamination and disease spreading. They are looking at a 2007/2008 Honda Elementa that would cost about $13,000 - $15,000. They have secured a $1,000 grant already, so this $10,000 grant would help with a significant chunk of the cost.

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Foothills animal rescue logo

Foothills Animal Rescue

Scottsdale, AZ

Foothills Animal Rescue’s mission is to save lives through the rescue, care, and adoption of homeless cats and dogs. Started in 1995, they began as a foster-based organization in Cave Creek, AZ. Through hard work and dedicated staff and volunteers, they were able to grow and open an adoption center in 2010, and another adoption center in 2016. These buildings provide a safe haven to homeless dogs and cats awaiting their forever homes.

Foothills Animal Rescue would use the grant funds when they frequently intake medical cases from larger, municipal county shelters that do not have the resources to help. These animals need dental work, amputation, cherry eye surgeries, and chronic illness management (tick fever, heartworm, valley fever). Their most common medical need is treating for giardia and ringworm because a lot of animals come in with these conditions unknowingly. Giardia takes two or more weeks to fully treat, and ringworm takes at least six. They also intake behavioral animal cases, which take extra time to prepare for adoption. These animals get special training and care to help them find the best home possible.

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Fur Kids animal rescue logo

FurKids Animal Rescue and Shelter

Cumming, GA

Furkids operates the largest cage-free, no-kill shelter in the Southeast for rescued cats and a no-kill shelter for rescued dogs. Each year, they rescue more than 5,000 homeless and abandoned animals, providing them with the best medical care and a nurturing environment while working to find them a forever home. More than 600 animals are in the Furkids program today through shelters, PetSmart and Petco adoption centers, and foster homes in the Atlanta area.

Furkids’s biggest need is medical equipment. They would use the $10,000 grant to buy a trinocular microscope and three incubators. Cytology is an essential tool in the diagnosis and management of various diseases in cats and dogs, and it requires a special microscope. Right now, they send samples to external laboratories for analysis, resulting in higher costs and delays in treatment. Having this microscope available on-site will allow them to immediately analyze samples and reduce the need for external lab services. They’ll also be able to use it in routine check-ups and preventative care.

Incubators have been used in the animal world to mimic the mother’s womb and provide a safe and controlled environment for newborn kittens and puppies, who are at a higher risk of health complications. Their controlled air flow and filtration systems limit the spread of germs and bacteria. These incubators will be used to help sick animals and abandoned or orphaned newborns who need around-the-clock care.

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Muddy Paws logo

Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue

Council Bluffs, IA

Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue is an all-species rescue that believes every pet deserves to be happy and loved. Their goal is to give a second chance to any pet who needs it. They provide foster homes, offer owner education and training to resolve pet behavioral issues, assist with veterinary expenses, and maintain a pet food pantry for anyone who needs help feeding their pets.

Muddy Paws is the go-to rescue in their community for dogs diagnosed with parvovirus, and they would use the $10,000 grant funds to go toward treatment. Parvovirus is a highly contagious and quickly spreading virus that attacks the lining of the digestive system, so nutrients can’t be absorbed. If untreated, death is fast and painful. Puppies are exceptionally prone due to their immature immune systems, but all unvaccinated dogs are at risk. The treatment for parvovirus is the monoclonal antibody, which costs $220 per vial. Each vial treats a dog weighing 11 pounds, so standard puppies require about 2-3 vials. As of March, they have already spent $25,000 treating their 12 parvo dogs. Although the cost is high, the survival rate is above 90% with their treatment protocol. They truly believe each life matters and that every dog deserves a second chance!

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Susex County Animal Rescue logo

Sussex County Animal Association/Whimsical Animal Rescue

Seaford, DE

Sussex County Animal Association (SCAA)/Whimsical Animal Rescue (WAR) is a nonprofit organization made up of volunteers working for the same cause: to help homeless dogs and cats. They do not have a shelter and all rescues are kept in the volunteers’ homes or foster homes. SCAA/WAR works to educate the community on the importance of spaying and neutering, and they hold low-cost rabies and distemper clinics to help those who otherwise could not afford to keep their pets vaccinated.

SCAA/WAR would use the $10,000 grant to help save the life of a bichon puppy, Cooper. He came in with a litter from a breeder who no longer wanted them as they were older and didn’t sell. They gave Cooper a check-up because he had a cough and saw that this three-month-old puppy had an enlarged heart and two heart conditions. Cooper will require two surgeries once he is six months old and 10 pounds, which will be right around the end of May. The timing with this grant is meant to be! Doctors say there is an 80% success rate with these surgeries and Cooper should be able to live a normal life afterwards. Without this surgery, he will go into congestive heart failure, and it will be fatal.

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Wings of Freedom animal rescue logo

Wings of Freedom Animal Rescue

New London, CT

Wings of Freedom Animal Rescue (WOFAR) gives a voice to the voiceless. As an all-volunteer nonprofit fueled by community support, they rescue and rehabilitate dogs in need, providing specialized care, medical treatments, and lots of love for their journey to forever homes. They educate their community on spaying and neutering, vaccines, pet safety, and more, and they advocate for reporting and ending the abuse of animals.

Wings of Freedom would use the grant funds for their biggest immediate medical need: providing ongoing treatment for heartworm-positive dogs, including Suri, Sasha, Billy, Serenity, Willie, Izzy, and Virginia. The average cost of heartworm treatment for one dog in Connecticut is $1,200. They also recently incurred expenses for treating mammary tumors and cherry eye in a bonded chihuahua pair that are still being paid off. These dogs have been adopted, but Wings of Freedom will continue to cover medical treatments until they’re fully completed to ensure that there is no disruption to the dogs’ care. Additionally, these funds will allow them to direct their rescue efforts toward medically complex dogs in high-kill shelters who are usually overlooked. Currently, to sustain their rescue efforts, they raise funds by working shifts at concession stands at sporting events, with a portion of the profits going toward the rescue.

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