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You’re Covered with Verizon Protect Home

You already know that Verizon has amazing protection for your devices. But did you know that Verizon also offers that same protection for your home? Verizon Protect Home provides protection for eligible home entertainment, home office, wearables, and smart home products. You also get digital security features and premium tech support included!

What’s covered?

You’ll get coverage for the most common electronic products in your home. This includes, but is not limited to:

Extended warranty protection for:

  • Flat screen TVs (LCD, Plasma, LED)
  • Desktops/laptops*
  • Printers
  • Home theater systems
  • DVD/Blue-ray™ players
  • Audio/video streaming devices*
  • Routers*
  • Smart home/Wi-Fi products (e.g. smart thermostat, Alexa™, etc.)
  • Wearables (e.g. smartwatches**)
  • Gaming Consoles (e.g. Xbox®)
  • Premium audio headsets
  • Tablets**

Coverage for damage as a result of accidental handling for:

  • Laptops
  • Wearables (e.g. smartwatches**)
  • Tablets**

*Excludes any Verizon branded or provided devices.

**To be covered by Verizon Protect Home, eligible products must be equipped with a Windows® operating system version Windows 7 or newer, Android™ version 16 or newer, or for Apple® computers, an Apple operating system version OS X (10) or newer.

Stay secure for less

Verizon Protect Home is just $25/mo, plus taxes. The average household invests $4,000 in tech, so it’s a no-brainer to want to keep all of that protected.

What’s included?

Hassle-free repairs and replacement

When your eligible entertainment or smart home product experiences a covered breakdown, Verizon will repair or replace it for you. Plus, portable products are covered for unintentional and accidental damage for handling.

Limitations and exclusions apply.

Expert help

You’ll get 24/7 access to experts who can answer virtually any tech questions about your covered home entertainment and smart home products via app, web, or phone.

In-home visits

Need help? Verizon Protect Home covers two in-home visits per year from experts. They can help you configure, set up, and optimize smart products and choose the best Wi-Fi devices for your home.

Digital security features

Avoid risky websites and safeguard your data when connected to public Wi-Fi. Plus, receive ID theft alerts on the Digital Secure app.

Learn more details here about Verizon Protect Home.

Get Verizon Protect Home now

Visit a TCC near you to get all of the benefits of Verizon Protect Home. You’ll get more protection and support virtually everywhere life takes you.

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