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The TCC Difference

About TCC Mission Statement

At TCC, we believe our communities need more than just a wireless retailer, and our employees want more than just a job. We are committed to making a positive and sustainable impact in the lives of our employees, customers, and communities.

The way we pursue making a difference is modeled by our Culture of Good. Our Culture of Good has three components being driven by purpose. If any one component has less focus and energy invested in it, the company becomes imbalanced.

Our mission here at TCC is to make employees, customers, and communities better.

How are we making our customers better?

By providing them with outstanding service and sincere care that meets their unique needs. We also invite our customers to be a part of our community efforts and initiatives. That’s what great about TCC.

How are we making our communities better?

By donating our time and money to support the people in the communities where our stores are.

How are we making our employees better?

By creating a culture that inspires and motivates each employee to reach their full potential while also being a part of the company’s greater purpose.

A Unique Wireless Experience

The fact that virtually everyone has a mobile device will come as no shock to anyone, but many people are surprised to learn that their neighborhood Verizon location is owned and operated by an authorized retailer.

So what’s the difference? If you’re looking to get a phone and get service through Verizon, not a whole lot. We offer the same devices at the same price on the same great 4G LTE network.

What sets us apart as a company is our belief in these three ideals: Customers Matter, Employees Matter, Community Matters. It’s what we call the Virtuous Circle of Success, and we here at TCC live and breathe it.

We challenge each of our employees to embrace the power they have to “do good” through our Culture of Good movement. We volunteer in our local communities because that’s our home. We reward our employees because they’re what keeps us running. We take care of our customers because that’s what they deserve.

And, at the end of the day if that means nothing to you…we still sell phones and stuff. Come to TCC for:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Dish & Cable Service
  • Home Internet