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Our Best Phone Selection

Pixel 7 Pro

The all-pro Google phone. Powered by Google Tensor G2.

Pixel 7

Simply powerful, super helpful. Powered by Google Tensor G2.

Pixel 6a

Powered by Google Tensor for fast, smooth performance. The more affordable phone to fit your busy lifestyle.

Pixel 6 Pro

The most advanced Pixel camera with pro-level lenses and powerful editing features.

Pixel 6

All day adaptive battery, and all-new camera with features to capture the greatest photos.

Pixel 5

The speed of 5G in a Google phone. Stream, play and download movies in seconds. Also includes feature to help secure your data.

Pixel 4 XL

Take great photos on a dual 12/16 MP rear-facing camera with the ability to manipulate color and exposure. Get stuff done with the new and improved Google Assistant.

Pixel 4

The new Google Assistant makes it easy to control your phone and get stuff done. The adaptive battery learns what apps you use the most.

Pixel 4a

Get more done with the helpful Google Assistant, and long-lasting battery, plus take photos like a pro.