What is Wi-Fi calling?

And how does it work?

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A definition of Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling is when you can use your smartphone to make and receive regular cell phone calls and texts through a Wi-Fi network, instead of a traditional cellular connection. This feature is an option for people in areas where the signal is poor or doesn’t exist. It’s popular with those who use their devices for data-rich activities.

Benefits of Wi-Fi calling

Benefits of Wi-Fi calling boast no dependence on a cell phone tower. This is especially helpful if you run into a blind spot. No need to worry about the lack of signal availability. Every interaction is seamless on a Wi-Fi call.

Other services allow phone calls using an internet-based interface. But Wi-Fi calling enables you to use your actual phone number through the network.

In addition, you’re stuck manually checking your service’s app for missed texts or calls. By using Wi-Fi calling, you’ll receive calls and texts on your phone without checking.

How Wi-Fi calling works

Wi-Fi calling connects smartphones to a Wi-Fi network instead of to a cell phone tower. This connection process is a smooth – you may not even notice when your phone switches. However, you’ll get a notification alerting you when you’re using a Wi-Fi network. The icons are different for each provider, so check with your provider to find out what your icon will look like.

All that is needed to use this special calling feature is a smartphone that is Wi-Fi-enabled. To use this feature, turn the “Wi-Fi setting” on in your phone’s settings. Or you can ask your provider how to change the setting on your specific device.

Every Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone is automatically integrated. The user may use their same phone number to connect to the selected party. In contrast, other services often require the creation of a new contact number to use Wi-Fi calling. These other services automatically keep all activities separate. And this could lead to confusion to even the most tech-savvy user.

Best practices for Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling should work anytime you’re able to connect to a network. Check with your provider to find out how billing works with this service. Many carriers allow free domestic calling on an unlimited plan.

If you’re out of the country, calling on a Wi-Fi network will usually be treated as a regular domestic call. In contrast, if you’re out of the country, and call a non-U.S. area, you may be charged international rates. These fees depend on your wireless carrier’s policies and fee schedules.

Because of these special cases, it’s good practice to learn what specifics cause these fees. This way, you can avoid unexpected charges on your wireless bill. Remember to take advantage of available Wi-Fi connections while using your smartphone or tablet for various activities.

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