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Android Nougat will save you time

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If you’re like me, you don’t have the time or patience to consume every new announcement coming out of Silicon Valley. Although, you might have recently heard some news that Google will launch a sweet new smartphone operating system Android Nougat. Google claims the software refresh comes with over 200 updates. Of those updates, I’ve personally identified three that could save you up to 12 minutes a day.

Google will now give smartphone users the ability to truly go split-screen with multiple applications. Imagine you’re watching a YouTube video, when your son’s school sends an important email. Before, you’d have to exit out of YouTube > go into your inbox > review the email > and go back to open YouTube again. Now, multi-window allows you to simply long-tap the recent button and pick from a list of other applications to bring into split-screen mode. With split-screen now open, you can review and reply to emails, or do any number of tasks – all while continuing your YouTube experience. Check out this video on how to enable split-screen multitasking.

Definitely more of an efficiency update here, but if you like to multitask it can provide a great deal of time savings. – 5 minutes

Google Assistant
The true wave of the future in tech will be the spoken word between man and computer. As a part of Android Nougat, Google makes major updates, allowing for a more seamless exchange between you and your Google smartphone. Whether it’s finding weather forecasts for the next two days, or it’s getting a list of Italian restaurants within five miles of you, Google Assistant provides you with that information without touching your device.

If used to its fullest, Google Assistant could give you back hours of time. But let’s be honest, the majority of us won’t use it nearly as much as it’s intended. – 5 minutes

Quicker Replies
In an effort to help keep us on track, Google has simplified the text message reply functionality. With Android Nougat, users can reply from the pull-down shade as the messages hit their notifications. Once the message comes in, users will simply be able to pull down the text and reply automatically without having to leave the application they’re in.

I love this feature and its functionality. – 2 minutes 

Just from these time-saving updates, you’ll notice that Google is making multi-tasking a mainstay in Nougat. Check out this hands-on video showcasing all of these time-saving features. If you’d like to learn more about how to use your Android phone, check out our TCC Android basics video.

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