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Phone cases aren’t quite a tech necessity. But in 2016, it’s hard to find a phone without a case. Not only do they protect your phone from unexpected bumps and tumbles, but they can also be a fashionable and useful accessory. Check out some of our favorite phone dazzlers – ranging from the functional to the fashionable to novelty.

Functional Phone Cases

The idea behind functional cases is to provide more than just protection to your phone. Aside from offering added support, these cases turn your phone into something more, like a wallet or mini tool box.

iDeal Swipe Wallet

With the iDeal Swipe Wallet case, you won’t need to carry a wallet around anymore! Its innovative design has a window in the front, which displays phone notifications, like time, music, and calls. The backside of the case has slots to hold up to four cards. Its slim built fits into any pocket, making it the perfect case for busy people.

Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Book

Similar to the case above, the Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Book phone case is a beautiful leather case, which also doubles as a wallet. It’s handmade in St. Paul, MN and comes in five color combinations. It flips open to show five inner pockets. These hidden pockets are designed to hold cards with a clear ID pocket and a hidden cash pocket. With this case, you don’t have to choose between functionality or aesthetic – you get them both.

Swiss Tech Tool Case

This Swiss Tech Tool Case is more like a tool chest doubling as a phone case. It has ten (yep, that’s right…TEN!) different functions. It comes with four screwdrivers, scissors, a nail file, nail cleaner, and cuticle tool. Each of these tools are hidden inside the case behind a hinged door.


What sets them apart from the thousands of cases on the market is that Scooch cases are specifically designed to make your smartphone functional. It’s a protective case with military-grade protection standards, with a kickstand on the back. The kickstand is versatile so you can mount, grip, or hold up your phone with it. Its sleek design gets rid of excessive hardware, making it easier on the eyes than most functional cases. Scooch cases are sold at TCC and come available in a variety of colors.

Fashion Cases

These stylish cases take your aesthetic to the next level without sacrificing protection. With these suggestions, you really do get the best of both worlds.


Casemate is another brand sold at TCC. They’re the industry leader in stylish smartphone cases and their products are sure to please any fashion lover, no matter what your personal aesthetic is. Our personal favorites are the Naked Tough iridescent case and the Naked Tough waterfall, which is a case with a clear backing that has cascading glitter in it. Not only do these cases look great, but they also offer outstanding protection for your phone. We know firsthand that this case has protected phones from countless tumbles and drops because of its military strength impact protection.

Along with fashion cases, Casemate has changed the screen protector game by making a line of gilded glass screen protectors that have designs on the top and bottom. There’s the classic all clear screen protector, but they also have rose gold crisscrosses, silver and gold squiggles, and iridescent. These offer maximum scratch protection and have a high touch sensitivity, so it’s like you’re tapping right on the screen itself.


Although our next featured phone protectors don’t have fun designs on them, we know that staying healthy is always in style. Your phone is probably one of the first and last things you touch during the day, it’s always with you, and is handled by numerous people and kids- and you have no idea what they’ve been touching before they touch your phone. No matter how clean you think you are, there’s still going to be germs on your phone (and according to science, your phone is home to about 2 million microbes!). However, BioArmor is here to help. Not only are BioArmor screen protectors made with Gorilla® Glass (which is shatterproof), but the tempered glass actively and continuously fights germs to kills bacteria.

Society6 and Native Union

Marble seems to be the newest trend with phone cases. You can get your hands on some pretty marble print cases from a variety of sellers. But we think Society6 has an especially nice curated collection of marble texture cases with varying protection levels. However, if you want to go all in and get a legit marble case, Native Union is the seller for you. They made the world’s first real marble iPhone case, so you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind product. It’s a sophisticated case that still manages to be lightweight, shatter-resistant, and cold to the touch.


Another trend that has recently popped up is clear cases with designs on them. One of the strongest arguments against solid-colored fashion cases is that they cover up your beautifully designed phone. That argument is now no longer valid. With Casetify, these clear cases let your phone’s beauty shine through with an added personal touch. Again, you can get these type of cases from a variety of sellers. But we think you’ll find a unique solution in Casetify’s large collection of stylish clear cases for iPhone and Android.

Novelty Phone Cases

These phone cases all have extra functions. As for how useful these functions are? You can decide that for yourself.

Multifunctional phone case

This Multifunctional phone case and cigarette lighter cover has an odd selection of tools. This sturdy phone case comes with a bottle opener on the back, a no-flame cigarette lighter, and an attachable tripod. Although you might not need to use these things on a daily basis, it’s sure to be a hit at parties.


Anyone that’s taken a few selfies on their phone knows that lighting can completely transform your picture. LuMee cases will give you the perfect selfie every time. If you’re in a poorly lit room, no matter how #flawless you are, your selfie won’t accurately reflect that. This special LuMee case lights up on both the front and back, ensuring you always look great in every photo. This case is available in a few colors and has a sleek, modern design.

Boogie Board LCD eWriter

Why use your phone for notes when you can write them on a Boogie Board LCD eWriter? This case offers protection for your phone and flips open to hold a doodle board right next to it. Jot down anything with the stylus, and erase it when you’re done. The case has a spot to hold the slider, so you’ll never lose it. You’ll also find room to hold a card in the backside of the Boogie Board.

Visit your neighborhood TCC store to check out some of these awesome cases and screen protectors. With our selections, you’ll be sure to find the right case to fit your life and personal style.

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