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Culture of Good backpack giveaway by TCCChild poverty continues to be a growing problem in the U.S. Just how big is the problem? Roughly 22% of all American children are dealing with this very real issue on a daily basis. That equates to over 16 million children who grow up without access to educational and social opportunities that other children might take for granted.

Because of the lack of resources, 40% of kids in America aren’t prepared for elementary school. As you can imagine, it’s nearly impossible for these kids to afford the supplies necessary Culture of Good backpack giveaway by TCCfor school success, especially considering the average cost of school supplies today is a whopping $97.74. Even worse, this ill-preparedness can easily lead to those kids being absent and dropping out of school altogether.

At TCC, we know that the small act of giving kids basic school supplies can make a positive impact on their upcoming school year. Once the problem of getting the needed materials is taken care of, kids can concentrate on learning.

For this reason, TCC has donated over 260,000 backpack kits through our Culture of Good (COG) Culture of Good backpack giveaway by TCCsince 2013. And this August, TCC will continue the backpack giveaway tradition by handing out 135,000 backpacks to students in need across the U.S. Additionally, TCC has partnered with A Wireless, and they will also be giving away 100,000 backpacks, making this our biggest year yet!

Each backpack is filled with glue sticks, spiral notebooks, pencils, rulers, folders, and pencil boxes, so that each child can go to school feeling confident and ready to learn.

Starting in mid-July, you can find a backpack logo next to each online store location participating in our COG backpack giveaway. Parents and kids are invited to come to participating TCC stores on July 30th from 12pm to 3pm to receive a special filled backpack. Backpacks will be available while supplies last and the child must be present to receive the backpack. 

Backpack giveaway infographic by TCC

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by | KATIE MOROZ Reply

Have 3 kids and could use the help

    by | TCC Reply

    Hi Katie, we’re so happy to be able to help!. You can find out where our backpack giveaway is near you by going on, searching for your hometown, and looking for the backpack logo.

by | Christine Reply

I have 6 kids and really need the help, so this is an amazing opportunity and I’m very grateful to you for it. I am just wondering if the backpacks go really fast. I know it said to come between noon and 3 but I am wondering if I need to get in line a lot earlier than that to make sure we don’t miss out. Any thoughts and info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

    by | TCC Reply

    Christine, we aren’t able to account for how long supplies will last. But you are welcome to come to a backpack giveaway TCC store before noon – backpacks won’t be handed out prior to the event.

by | Carrie Reply

My son got one last year. They were very good quality backpacks. Lasted all year.

by | Ashley Andrews Reply

I looked at the location list to find a backpack giveaway location near Modesto, Ca, but was unable to locate one.

    by | TCC Reply

    Ashley, I’m sorry, but we don’t have a TCC store location near Modesto, CA. I would recommend looking up local area stores and charity events that offer assistance with your Back to School needs.

by | Suzann Reply

My son is in middles school. Is there an age limit? This could really help out.

    by | TCC Reply

    Suzann, There is no age limit to qualify, however we do request that a child is present to receive the backpack. We hope to see you at the backpack giveaway this Saturday!

by | Toni Reply

Im from Battle Creek. Could you please tell me if they are doing it here and where any info would be great. Thank you.

    by | TCC Reply

    Toni, I’m not sure what state Battle Creek is in, but you can check to see if there is a local TCC store providing backpacks here: Make sure you look for the backpack logo to determine the stores that are participating.

by | Amanda Lackey Reply

I have a 5 yr old daughter starting kindergarten in Warwick, R.I .. is there anyway I’m able to receive any help with back to school supplies?

    by | TCC Reply

    Please refer to our locations page to look up your hometown location, to see if there are local TCC stores participating in this backpack giveaway.

by | Kathy jones Reply

What if we can’t make it to the give away is there other options

    by | TCC Reply

    Call a store near you after the giveaway is over and see if they have any extra backpacks left over.

by | Tina Reply

How come there are no stores near stony point ny that giveaway backpacks I could really use some help. With my boys school supplies

    by | TCC Reply

    Sorry, it depends on if we have a store in your city. We wish we could have one everywhere!

by | Anita Reply

It shows my New Braunfels location is participating, but it’s tomorrow and when I called they say they have no idea what I’m talking about.

    by | TCC Reply

    I’m not seeing that store on our website listings. Can you tell me the address? Also, you should be looking at the locations on

by | Megan Bunger Reply

Hi … I know there is a Verizon store where I live in Pocomoke City, Maryland but could you possibly tell me if it’s a place I can get a backpack for my 6 year old son? I went to the location finder and when I typed in the zip code and surrounding zip codes it told me my location was not found or could not be found. So I am hoping you could help me. Thanks.

    by | TCC Reply

    If it was not in the location finder, then there are no participating stores near you.

    by | Mike Reply

    @Megan the TCC in Pocomoke City is definitely participating! They have done it every year for 4 years now. I used to manage that location. I’m down in Florida now, so I won’t get to see all the familiar faces in Pocomoke. Get there early because there is a big turnout and they start to line up. I hope you have a great day; Please post pics on facebook!

by | Mike Reply

@Megan Bunger the TCC in Pocomoke City is definitely participating! They have every year. I used to manage that location. I’m down in Florida now, so I won’t get to see all the familiar faces in Pocomoke. Get there early because there is a big turnout and they start to line up. I hope you have a great day; Please post pics on facebook!

by | Christine Reply

I. Order to get a backpack during ur give away do I have ever to have verizon service already

    by | TCC Reply

    No need to have Verizon service. You can find a participating location on

by | Nichole Reply

I can’t believe I totally forgot to go. 🙁 with five kids I really ment to go, but my 2yo was up all night sick and I was so tired I completely forgot to go. 🙁

by | Rajaa Hussein Reply

I have 4 kids. I really need help, how i can get this??
We live in Columbus Ohio
My kids are First grade, third and fourth
Please they need a school supplies

    by | Rachel Illingworth Reply

    Unfortunately our yearly backpack giveaway has already passed. We will however, hold another backpack giveaway next year around late July/early August. Please keep an eye on for more Culture of Good news.

by | Erika Thompson Reply

Have you set the date for the 2017 backpack giveaway yet?

by | James Reply

I’m looking at a lot of stores in NJ and not seeing any with the backpack logo. Is the event happening this year? I’d also like to help publicize it, as its something I think everyone should know about….

by | Mary Reply

Have they scheduled the backpack giveaway for 2017? I work as a case manager and I am trying to find school supplies for low income families in Summit and Portage County.

by | DIANA Rodenburg Reply

In North Little Rock, Arkansas ..Is there a backpack giveaway…If so The date and time..Please…Thank you…

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